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Women Wear Makeup because Men Love What They See

The 21st Century ‘s Trap

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Yup, that’s Andrew Tate quotes when he had a discussion with Chian on Stand Out TV. I really recommend you to watch this video because it contains a lot of topics, such as philosophy, life orientation, opinion, leadership, morality, religion, and God. Ah, I really miss this moment when I could sit, have free time, drink a hot coffee, suck my cigar, and of course, write. It’s been quite long since I wrote my last article on Medium, my apologies. There’s a lot of fucking distraction that makes me a bit lazy to write.

I’m in my office now, and today I had a meeting at 03.00 pm so to fulfill this free time I decided to touch my soul -which is writing. It’s now 12.47 pm in Jakarta. It’s rainy outside which increases and boosts both my imagination and spirit to pour my thoughts.

So, last night I was scrolling through my TikTok and found a video that shows Andrew Tate and Chia having a conversation — a podcast. As we know, TikTok is a social media platform from China, where the contents are in the shape of short clip videos. There are many contents in TikTok, such as a video that shows a dancing bear, workout tips, vlog, motivational speech, satire, politics, until a dancing hot girl. You can also find an idea through TikTok, just like me while writing this article.

In that conversation, I think both of the speakers are intelligent people. What I mean about intelligence is not that someone who is an expert on solving quantum mechanics like Max Plank, or someone who had a dream to migrate people to Mars like Elon Musk, or someone who developed the Bohr model of the atom like Niels Bohr. Indeed, they are intelligent in their field but in my opinion, everyone has their characteristic and identity of this “intelligent”.

Tate and Chia are also intelligent. They both know how to communicate, know when to react and what makes me more amazed about this conversation is the energy. They release their true opinions and positions about something like a free man. One of the topics in their conversation is discussing gender. There was a sentence from Tate, quite controversial I think, and he said “Woman wear makeup because men love what they see.” Damn, this dude is a savage lol.

From his words, I try to elaborate it with common circumstances. I try to figure out the meaning of his words and so on. As we know, we live in the 21st century where everything is moving faster than before. This age is like The Flash in DC comics who can evacuate people in the mountain within a minute. It is true if we compare this day with the situation in the early 1900's.

In this era, you don’t have to go to a library to gain knowledge, you don’t have to go to a stall to buy some newspaper to gain information, you don’t have to walk a hundred meters to eat. Everything is now available in a magic wand called smartphone, alhamdulillah or hallelujah whatever you want to say it. You can get whatever you want with just a touch while laying in your cute bed. However, every action surely has a reaction — Newton’s third law.

So, what is the cost of this “magic wand”? Pollution, poverty, racism, anxiety, hoax, dehumanization, and so on and so on. In this age, we may succeed in fulfilling our physiological, safety, and social needs — remember the theory of motivation by Abraham Maslow. However, humans are creatures who struggle to say enough. As soon as their needs are fulfilled, the other needs will come up to the surface. As soon as their meaning are achieved, they will create another meaning. It’s like humans are condemned to never feel sufficient.

The magic wand also gives humans a disaster although it also gives us grace. Well I’m not sure, It’s just my speculation but I think social media is shaping and determining who and what we are. Furthermore, it affect our life orientation, our goal, our priority, our thoughts, even our faith. Therefore, the other need which humans are struggling to fulfill now is a thing called validation.

We shouldn’t belittle this kind of need because it’s surely implicated in our life. For instance, behold the Kpopers or fanatic fans of a football club. They will do anything and everything to make their idol receive validation from every human being. Whoever messes up or insults their idol, it is like they are ready to start World War III.

Through this kind of phenomena, I would like to conclude that every act nowadays is “majority” determine by the external factors. Whatever we do, we do it for other variables outside ourself — we don’t do it for ourself.

I spend a lot of money for charity because God told me to do so — Look at the bible Corinthians 13:4–8 or The Qur’an Al Baqarah 274. I wear a bikini and post it to my Instagram because the algorithm is much better than when I post my achievement. Majority of football players are playing for money nowadays rather than playing for his passion — look at Paris Saint Germain. Women wear makeup because men love what they see. Man dying try to get rich so he can buy a Bugatti and impressed every girl on this world and fuck every girl that he wants.

“Do the right thing because it is right.” — Immanuel Kant

Do the right thing because it is right. Damn, I couldn’t agree more with him. That is how we should act nowadays. It may not an overnight process, but it is worth fighting for. I do still learn how to not doing something for something. We should do something for the sake of ourself. Don’t do X because of Y, but just do X because it is right. Because, after all, all you have is just yourself, am I wrong? Paulo Coelho once said, what makes people weak is their need for validation and recognition. They need to feel important. Don’t get caught in this trap.

Selamat malam, and good day from Jakarta…

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