Why Philosophy is Important for Indonesian People

4 min readApr 2, 2022

“Based on philosophical students at University of Indonesia who didn’t graduate on time, lol”


Hmm what time is it? 00.38 AM. Three hours before first sahur in Jakarta. Anyway, I would like to say have a generous ramadan to all moslems. May this ramadan bring happiness and joy to our life, amen. I’m quite sad because I forgot to buy cigarettes. Just arrived home at 11.47 PM after meet with my girlfriend and chill out with my friends. Writing without cigarettes for a smoker feels like a fried rice without salt, I’m not lie. Wait, I want to defecate. Just give me few minutes, sorry.

You know guys, only 1% of Indonesian people that have an interest in reading. That means, if Indonesian population is around 250.000.000, only 2.500.000 people loves reading. That’s why I’m writing on Medium because the audience is global, not just Indonesia. That’s why we always be a developing country. Ups, maybe I’m too naive if I assume to be a developed country based on a number of reading interest. Fine, I remember when Mr. Soekarno said that “Give me a thousand oldster, then I will pluck Semeru from it’s root. But give me ten youngster, then I will shake the earth”. What a word guys. So, based on Mr. Soekarno statement, Indonesia could still be a developed country even though Indonesian people don’t like reading.

If you guys likes to read, I want to congratulate you because you’re the 1% of Indonesian people that chosen lol. Speaking of reading, I have my own opinion about it. As I said many times in my other articles, I’m a philosophical student. Before went to college, I have no interest in reading at all. But, my college force me to read so yeah I have to do it. However, over time I got used to it and started to like reading. Until now, I decided to start writing because because of my new hobby -reading.

I remember my ex lecturer (Rocky Gerung) said, “In France, the student start to studying logic since in elementary school. In Indonesia, even if you are in college, you don’t necessarily studying philosophy”. I also remember Tan Malaka in his book entitled “Madilog”. He said that, “I’ve been travel around Nusantara (before Indonesia, this country name is Nusantara). From Sabang to Merauke. I also visited Batavia, the most modern city in Nusantara (before Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia named Batavia). I always coming to a bookstore in every city that I visited. None of them sell a book that talk about logic and philosophy. Even the largest bookstore and library in Batavia. But, when I visited Europe, even in suburban bookstore there are always a book that discuss about logic and philosophy.” According this two giants, my question is:

How important philosophy is?”

In my opinion, philosophy is very important, especially for Indonesian people. Studying philosophy doesn’t make you become atheist. That’s just a stupid funny statement. Come on, I’ve been through philosophy for almost 4 years and I still worship to God named Allah. Even my lecturer is a priest and a cleric.

Studying philosophy can clean up your mind, and sharpen your logic. Once you dive into it, you have a potential to be more calmness person. Yes, could say it because I also studied about Yin-Yang, virtues, ethics and morality. How to think structurally, how to identified problem, how to saw things in perspective ways, and so on. Logic, history, hermeneutics, existentialism, politics, economy and social. I studied such things in philosophy. You can also raise the level of your words through philosophy. Very exciting doesn’t it?

Raise the level of your words, not the volume of your voice. Because it’s rain that makes flowers bloom, not lightning.” — Jalaluddin Rumi

Indonesian people are vulnerable to social issues, such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, anxiety, lack of happiness and so on. The characteristics of the Indonesian people are also easy to be instigated and pitted against each other. Thus, I would like to say philosophy is a right thing for Indonesian people. Either for your medicine, self improvement, therapist or your mind. Many things have changed in myself after I studied this major. That’s why I dare to recommend and write this.

I think this things (philosophy) needs more attention in Indonesia. How can you talk a lot without being equipped with the right logic structure? Logic is the foundation of human being that distinguish us from other creatures. Why in Indonesia this thing is not become a major since elementary school? Does the government don’t want their people to think critically, so they can stay in power much longer? Or does philosophy really not important? It’s too ancient or what? Please give me your thoughts below, I really love to discuss!

Zzzzz I decided to not sleep and just wait a couple hours to sahur. It’s 02.04 AM now. Out of cigarettes really makes me cry, fuck. Okay, that’s it. Selamat malam folks, thanks for coming!




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