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What is Digital Marketing?

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Some of you may be similar to the term “Digital Marketing.” Sometimes, you may hear this term while scrolling Instagram, TikTok, or any of your social media. However, have you know what the meaning of it is?

Let’s cut the crab. Whether you realize it or not, you probably have spent 2-3 hours a day just scrolling your social media. Well, I do. And it’s not false at all, I swear to God. Because the meaning of our life is to fulfill our dopamine, what else? And the easiest way to gain dopamine is by consuming types of content on social media.

I may have mentioned it in my other articles: social media is like a double-edged sword. It can make you poor and rich at once. However, it depends on the man behind the sword. It is normal to spend 2–3 hours a day just scrolling social media, but it is abnormal if you are still begging for money from your parents if you have done this for more than two years. It is absurd if you have the stamina and spirit to scroll down your iPhone 2–3 hours a day, but you can’t produce something from it. Well, congratulations, then. The algorithm had succeeded to colonized you.

“All sort of things in this world behave like mirrors.” — Jacques Lacan

As many psychologists say, our environment determines our behavior. If your brother loves the smith, you tend to like the smith as well. If your crush likes to play Genshin Impact, you played it and desperately trying to become the world's number 1 player. If you surround yourself with the sucks, you become sucks then. I often read a story about a fan who loves Manchester United because of his father — although I forgot when the last time Manchester United won The Premier League lol. My point is; the environment determines your behavior, and your behavior determines your decision.

Ah, what I mean about the environment, is not always the environment like your elementary teacher who teaches you about the animal kingdom, cute jellyfish in your biology books, the nature you watch on NatGeo, and so on. The environment means all sorts of things around us, the closest one with you, those who always see you every day — and I’m guessing it is your iPhone.

Here’s my entry point: the smartphone is the key to digital marketing. Nowadays, if you don’t have a laptop, computer, or tab, you are still a normal person. However, if you don’t have a smartphone now, society will judge you as a meganthropus paleojavanicus. In this era, the smartphone is a standard for human beings — as we can’t live without touching it.

Digital marketing is marketing efforts that occur on the internet. Every paid promotion, endorsement, and annoying ad you often see while surfing social media is digital marketing. I bet at least once in your life; you have purchased something just because you consider this stuff cool from the content you consumed. That’s digital marketing.

Shortly, there are three levels of digital marketing:

  1. You get home after work. Lying on your bed. Surfing TikTok for no Goddamn reason. Found out that one influencer just endorsed a cool hoodie from brand “X.” And then, you said, “Well, I think this hoodie from “X” fits me. I would like to know more about it”.

(this is called the awareness level).

2. After discovering a brand “X,” you figure out their Instagram. After that, because the prices do not match your wallet, you decide to delay your purchase. However, you decided to follow their Instagram not to miss their promotions.

(this is called the consideration level).

3. After a week, you find out through the channel you follow that the hoodie you want to buy from brand “X” is on sale at 20% off its regular prices. Without further do, you sign up with an e-mail, address the shipment, and purchase the hoodie. You finally take action.

(this is called the conversion level).

Indeed, digital marketing is broader than I’ve just mentioned above. It’s just the surface of digital marketing. However, considering I’ve been in this industry for more than one year, I might write more deeply about digital marketing in another article.

Now, you know what determines human decisions, why digital marketing, and what’s digital marketing. I dare you to name one big brand that doesn’t have Instagram. Apple, Nike, Adidas, Mcdonald's, and Tesla, all of them had Instagram in order to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

It can’t be denied that this era is entertaining; it can drag you to become poor, but it can also carry you to become wealthy. The internet is a game changer. Fuck…

Wake up, and be wise with your environment.

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