Value is Linked with Process

If you want something that is quick and easy, it shows that your whole mental model is fuck

photo by Jachinta

The sub-heading is Andrew Tate’s statement, and I agree with him. Have you ever wondered why diamonds are more expensive than common gold? Have you ever wondered why a Bugatti is more expensive than a bike? You will probably say it was the marketing strategy, branding, supply and demand, blah blah blah and so on. That’s correct. I agree with you. But, what makes me more agree about why the fuck a stuff has a different price from another stuff is because it has a difference process.

The process of creating diamonds is not equal with the process of creating a common gold. That’s why a diamond is more expensive. Same case with the Bugatti and a bike. It takes months, even a year to create a single diamond. It may take a day to create a bike, but it may take a month to create a single Bugatti. Therefore, a value is absolutely linked with process. The value is the manifest of process.

The interesting thing about the relation between value and process of the stuff as I mentioned above is, it also correlates with humans. As a human, sometimes I wonder how it feels to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Justin Bieber or Logan Paul or whoever your idol is. How does it feel to own a private jet where you don’t have to search or hunt a promo ticket on the internet and be loved by half of the human population? It must be fun, aye?

The thing is, we don’t know their process. We don’t know which hell they entered. We don’t know which devil did they beat. We don’t know how many rejects they swallow in the past. We just care about the present. How cool they are, the man, the myth, the legend. The man of the century.

Nowadays, comparing ourself to others is seems like common thing, thanks to the internet. We often compare ourself to our closest friend who made a huge achievement like getting A score on his or her final exams or successfully running their business. Therefore, we envy to them and speak behind them like “Ooh they must be cheating”, “Ooh they have a rich parents”, and so on and so on. My man, did you ever ask them what is the cause of their achievement? Or is it your arrogance that makes you shy to ask them?

We often feel that we are special. I will be a wealthy person in the future. I will bring back my father’s glory. I will buy my mother an Oppenheimer Blue. I promise that my score will get better in the next semester. I’ll make him or her regret breaking my heart. Man, how can you talk a lot about having such a huge dream when you even lazy to brush your fucking teeth before you sleep?

There’s no instant process in this modern world my dear. It takes courage, a lot of desperation, unlimited rejection, a long time, a huge pressure for us to become a person with high values. If you want something and hope that the process for reaching this something is quick and easy, it shows that your dream is not big enough. It shows that your whole mental model is fuck. Be professional, at least to yourself first. Be disciplined, shape yourself, and train your mind rather than comparing yourself to others. Know yourself, and what you want. It is more noble and that is the dignity of ourself lies, mark my word. Have a great day…



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