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Transactional Life

Don’t be shy. We all give to receive.

2 min readApr 20, 2023
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Ramadan Kareem. I’ll make it short. Entering the middle of q4 2023 gave me a lot of perspectives, most of them coming from my job. Being a professional is not just about the profession itself. What a pity if you only consider your job routine to collect money. Because the purpose of the occupation is broader than we think.

The perspective that I got recently from my job is not only about the field itself but also life. I acknowledge that our life is nothing else than a transactional life. I want to avoid dragging this conversation into a transformational vs. transactional leadership theory. However, what I am trying to say is that:

“All aspects of human life always contain transactional state.”

P&G is willing to pay my agency up to $300k for influencer marketing campaigns within six months because we help them increase their brand awareness. Why does Elon Musk create SpaceX and is willing to burn millions, even billions of dollars? Because he has the desire to change human life so that he can rest in peace. Why does every Muslim fast in this holy month? Because we want to go to heaven. We like to read, sing, sleep, play video games, hang out with friends, smoke, etc., because we enjoy it, and it gives us a lot of dopamine to live our life.

Do you see? It’s all about the transaction, and the transaction that I mean, is not always about material things such as money. Even your mama gave birth to you because having a son or daughter is meaningful to their life. Therefore, I think the question, “Why did you not sincere and genuine?” or “Why are you so string attached?” are nonsensical.

Even since the dinosaur’s age, humans have been condemned to have a transactional life; we all give to receive, whether for money, love, satisfaction, dopamine, etc. Furthermore, it is our meaning of life.

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