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As Rich Brian said “will I make it? Who the hell know…”

Photo by: Philippe Duboscq

I always love to discuss about education. How it relate to life, career and so on. I don’t know from where, and who created this system. He or she who created a system that succeeded in changing the paradigm of most people that education is a printing machine for superior humans is certainly a genius. Embedding the doctrine that the higher your education degree, the more noble you are. The richer you are. And the easier it is for you to get your dream job. They said…

However, I am more impressed with someone who created this system: you need money to go to college, you need college to get a job, and you need a job to earn money. Somebody have to give this motherfucker a Nobel Prize.

After graduating from high school, I received a lot of advice that you don’t need to go to college because in Indonesia there are so many unemployed graduates (a person with bachelor’s degree). Five minutes ago, I did some research. It is true that in Indonesia there are almost 1 million people with bachelor’s degree who are unemployed. I reported that data from databoks.katadata.co.id.

Most of the advice that tell me not to continue my education came from my family. They advised me to go straight to work. Earn money as soon as possible so your life would be happier. Do I listen to their advice? I mean, my life already limited due to religion, law, norms, culture, tradition, time, country, anatomy, power, and you want to bother my life too? *%$%!!!

Hold my beer. Let me burn my cigar. Thank you.

Long story short, I was finally accepted at one of the best universities in Indonesia. Yup, the University of Indonesia with my chosen major is philosophy and currently I’m still a student (last year).

The main reason I ignored their advice was because their advice was not linear with my understanding about education. Their logic, understanding, way of thinking and orientation towards education is like a passport. A passport to be used to get a job and become a rich man. I also see education as a passport, but not to get a job and become rich. Because for me, getting a job and becoming a rich person is just a side effect and a bonus, not the main motive of education.

If not for my career and future, then how do I define education? The answer might be boring. I want to get as high an education as possible because I love doing it and it’s linear with my life principle: Only do things that makes you happy.

I don’t know, actually I’m a bit lazy to tell my future plans. Once in a while maybe not a problem. After graduating, I want to continue my education in the Netherlands. I will take the master’s degree there with economics as my major. Why did I take economics? I will probably answer this question in another article.

I really sad that there are many paradigms in my country that think “you don’t have to go to school to be rich”. Many people who became successful and rich without education raised their chins. They making a “motivational” video containing insults to those who are studying with the script: “Look at me, look at him. Only graduated form a high school and we can buy a Lamborghini.” They unify meaning, generalize human goals and equalize purpose. Give a speech on the pulpit as if humans were created just to become rich…



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