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Yesterday was my graduation day and held at my college — the University of Indonesia. My mother flew to Jakarta from Balikpapan on the fourth of March, 2023, just to see her first child graduate. Of course, I’m so happy. A few videos on social media that show someone celebrating their graduation alone because her parents passed away always make me cry. No wonder I’m a Pisces, btw. So, yeah. I feel blessed to celebrate my graduation with my mother, where not everyone could.

Ah, feel sorry I didn’t write lately. Actually, it’s been a long since I opened up my medium. Getting promoted in my office and preparing for my graduation makes me busy as fuck. I was also surprised by the growth of my medium. The last time I checked, it still had 2.7k followers, and I didn’t write anything until now. But it is now at 3k. Hmm, making a giveaway sounds like a good idea, wdyt? Lol.

After graduating from philosophy, I want to share what I gained after studying for four and a half years in this major. Indeed, there are a lot of things that I gained from this major. However, the compelling thing is: none of them is an active skill. What I gained is only knowledge, wisdom, and maturity.

Every discipline on this earth is addressed to answer the problem. For instance, a medical major is the answer for those who are sick, a law major is an answer for bringing justice, technical engineering is the answer to increasing human efficiency, etc. However, what is the purpose of philosophy?

After graduating, I can conclude that philosophy is not a place for those who want to become ‘the solution to a problem’. It is not designed to answer the problems; instead, it is intended to question the solutions. Therefore, if you choose this kind of major, you ain’t become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, psychologist, economist, sociologist, astrologist, holy father, Imam, monk, sorcerer, werewolf, atheist, astronaut, McDonald’s employee, etc. Instead, it makes you become “you.”

This discipline is quite fun, unique, and different from others. However, variety is the spice of life, aye?

In philosophy, you will study four history stages: Ancient Greek Times, Medieval Times, Modern, and Post-Modern. Also, you will learn how to use your logic correctly — it is good because many Indonesian people are still dumb like shit, especially on social media. Also, philosophy will teach you about existentialism, aesthetics, ethics, pragmatism, empiricism, rationalism, etc. Lastly, Philosophy is divided into three sub-major; ontology, epistemology, and axiology. Go ask Chat GPT if you want to know more about these.

After graduating with a philosophical major at the University of Indonesia, all the information above is my thoughts. I don’t know whether the philosophical majors from the other campus, like Gadjah Mada, are studied precisely like my college.

Yup, that’s all from me. I am still determining what’s next for me. I am interested in continuing my study at Leiden University, aiming for a Master’s Program in Global Political Economy. But first, I’ll look up if there’s any scholarship to go there. For those who have a piece of information about it, please comment below. I really appreciate it. Thanks for coming, and long live education!

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