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Morality is Heavily Influenced by Aesthetic

If you kill a cockroach you are a hero. If you kill a butterfly you are a monster.

2 min readJul 14, 2023



It has always been interesting for me to write about morality since studying philosophy. I remember some great names like Kant, Nietzsche, Rousseau, and Hume who also talk about it. Some of you who love philosophy and morality may know some of its theories like divine command theory, categorical imperative, will to power, etc.

Ah, I miss my college time. Now, I am trapped in the capitalist system where I am obligated to get to the office at 10am and get home at 6pm, playing with some digital marketing shits just to help my boss get their new BMW model. Anyway, morality.

When we talk about morality, it always goes hand in hand with ethics; good vs evil, right vs wrong, normal vs abnormal, etc. It is something that is metaphysical and considered to be a virtue. Morality is not always about beautyness. We can’t see morality but it exists and connects with our day to day life. For instance, I consider cigars as a good thing but some may not. The cigar itself is not the morality, but the good-bad perspective of cigar is.

The main reason why I decided to write about it is because we, as human beings, live in a complex world where some perspective seems to be weird and unusual. When something is not aligned with our perspective, we tend to conclude that it is amoral, abnormal, and crazy. In fact, our perspective about something is influenced by the aesthetic variable, whether you realized it or not.

If Taylor Swift is getting arrested because of hitting an ugly beggar in the street, within an hour or even a minute, the news about it will be the headline of every media and news channel. Although some may judge Taylor, I bet a lot of people will also judge the beggars for putting their idol in jail.

Now, this is the irony of our humanity. Even if Taylor is false, many will stand in her back. A lot of people will also judge the beggars, why? Because he doesn’t have the magic stuff called aesthetic like Taylor does. Therefore, morality is heavily influenced by aesthetics.

“If you kill a cockroaches you are a hero. If you kill a butterfly you are a monster.”

Our perspective is not evil because of getting influenced by the aesthetic. My point is that I want to give my readers a PoV about how powerful aesthetics are. Medicine, business, laws, economy, and politics may keep us alive. But love, trust, romance, and a sense of happiness are things which keep us wanting to stay alive. And such things are the ingredients of aesthetics. Have a great day…




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