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I’m Resigning

A Leap of Faith.




2 months and 19 days have passed since my last published article, Holy Sh*t. This is the first time I opened my medium since July 2023. I thought my followers were decreasing, but it is the opposite. I got a 99+ notification, and that’s why you should start writing, aye? When you start writing and publishing your article, it becomes art. Even if the artist were dead, people could still enjoy his art, could they? Congratulations, you are immortal, lol. Never mind, I just want to encourage you to leave something for the world, and the easiest way to do it is to just… write.

Some of my readers may know me as a philosophy graduate and a digital marketer. Yes, I work for a digital agency in Jakarta. I started my professional career in January 2022 as a copywriter. Because of my successful campaign, I got promoted in November 2022 from a copywriter to a creative lead. As a creative lead, I’m responsible for setting up influencer marketing campaigns. At that time, I’m handling Gillette and Neurobion’s KOL campaign to increase their brand awareness.

The period of the campaign is from November 2022 until March 2023. I hit all the KPIs, even exceeding the target. It causes Gillette and Neurobion retention in my agency. Because of this successful campaign, I got promoted again from creative lead to digital group head in March 2023. However, I refused.

The title of digital group head seems too much for me. It’s because I’m reflecting. I’m a fresh graduate with just one year of experience in the industry. I thought it was not good for my career path to be able to grow that fast. Therefore, I demand that the company hire me as a marketing content specialist. In this role, my job is equal to a group head, where I’m taking care of every campaign in the company. As my responsibilities increase, so does my wage.

Currently, I’ve done more than 25 campaigns, 20 brands, and 50 pitches in just one year and ten months. I’ve run a digital campaign for big brands like Gillette, Gillette Venus, Neurobion, Head & Shoulders, Meatguy Steakhouse, Yupi, and TipTip. I’ve also directed some of my agency’s pitching sessions for Nu Tea, Frisian Flag, Maybank, XL, etc. I’ve done it all before I reach 25. Thanks to God, I’m blessed.

After all of this sh*t I’ve done, the question is, am I happy? Well, I would say no. I mean, yes, I’m happy for particular reasons, like meeting with the brand manager and director of the brand, gaining new knowledge and network because of working together with other agencies, and so on. However, surely, there is an opportunity cost to every achievement we’ve made.

Lack of time for my hobby (writing), lack of time to say hi to my parents, lack of time to pursue my dream (owning a business), and lack of time to exercise are the list of those opportunity costs. I’m done with it. The day that I decided to resign was when my mother came to Jakarta to visit me, her eldest son. When she was here for 10 days, I only had a warm talk with her for about 2 days.

One day in the morning, I sat in front of my laptop, saw my mom approaching me, making me a cup of coffee, and said, “Are you busy?” Fuck, I couldn’t hold up my tears that day. I mean, this person in front of me is the person who gave me goddamn life. We only live in the same city about twice a year: either I go to Balikpapan or she goes here. And when she visited me, I was forced to do my duty, not because I wanted it but because I had to.

Tell me, have you ever heard your dad say, “I won’t work today because I’m sad?” Exactly. Fuck your feelings. Your parents didn’t work their ass off to raise a lazy fool. How much potential you could achieve so much more if you just did work without complaining? Is your current life really how you’d expect it? Let’s think about it.

I’m not resigning because of tiredness, lack of appreciation, or money. I’m leaving because, in my 20s, I think I need a mentor who can guide me and give me some direction. I do all of the creative strategy, the structure of the pitch deck, the ideal of the campaign report, and the presentation skills through my own research. I also need a leader, not a boss. And this place does not provide me with such things. My last project is Gillette, and the value of this campaign is 1.2 billion rupiah. It was so memorable to me. The KPI is to gain virality and become a trending topic in Indonesia. And we suck it. I’m leaving with honor.

Lastly, I’m resigning under the condition of not getting a new offer yet. However, on my last day, I got an offering letter from two different companies. That’s my leap of faith. Have a great day folks…

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because his trust is not on the branch but on it’s own wings.”




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