Have You Ask Yourself?

Dear Clarity Hunters…

photo by: workman’s tumblr

Hi folks! It’s been a while since I wrote my last copy. Gotta preparing several pitches makes me distracted from my hobby, shit. But anyway, how are you? How’s life? Hope all is fine. As usual, I’m in my office now and it’s 12.53 pm. I have free time, there’s no due date in the upcoming day so I think doing my hobby isn’t a violation of worker’s ethic, or is it? Doesn’t matter lol.

Humans are indeed, a good storytellers. There’s no doubt about it. If we track history, there are great names like Abu Nawas, Plato, Dostoevsky, Sun-Tzu, and so on. They tell a story like a dancing mermaid on the peak of a cliff and it is so beautiful. Every word, speech, and the narrative they have spoken feels like heaven. However, I think to become a storyteller we don’t have to publish a hundred of articles or make it to publish a book and have a lot of readers. As simple as talking a lot, telling your friends about your fucking rough day, sharing about how love really destroyed you, or even telling a bullshit can be defined you as a storyteller.

I am often in those circumstances. Coming to a coffee shop and catching up with my friends on Saturday night and hearing their story about life and love. I respect them for sure. It is not easy to be honest about ourself, aye? It takes courage to spill out our true version and feelings. It takes courage to unmask yourself. Based on this case, I found something that really interests me.

Most of the people that come and speak to me also tell their story to another person. It seems you are not enough to express your feelings and tell your story to just one person. At one day, you may tell a story about shit things that happen in your relationship with your mother. On the next day, you come to college and also tell the exact story to your friends. On the other day, you decided to write it down in your medium so that everyone can embrace you and hope they’ll give you some wisdom speech.

The problem is, you already tell your story to some of your friends and family. You seeking an advice by asking “Oh fuck, what should I do now?” or “Can you give me some advice although I don’t really care about your opinion because you are not in my position” blah blah blah and so on. It could be ten or twenty people you already speaks with and my question is have you ask your fucking self?

For God sake how can you talk a lot to others while you haven’t given yourself a space? Why don’t you ask yourself as well? Doesn’t it seem like you are doubting yourself? Please don’t be mad at me, I’m not giving you advice to solve all of your problems alone and labelling you as a clown if you tell your story to a hundred people. Indeed, it is a must to pull out our true feelings by speaking to our colleagues. It is refreshing to speak the truth. But, my point is don’t you dare to forget yourself. The clarity is always lay in yourself, mark my word.

Well, I’m not sure, but personally I only talk to 1–2 people about my problem. I think the more people I talked, the more insight that entering my head which then makes my brain thirsty and it’s disgusting as fuck. Again, the truth is up to yours. You can agree with me, vice versa. It doesn’t affect my life either yours. I think if some people are having their personal problem and telling it to a lot of people, they only seek attention, and not the solution. Have a great day, and happy birthday to my country…



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