Dear 20–25 Years Old

We are still 20’s. Don’t act as if your life is at the edge of your throat

3 min readJul 21, 2022


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Many people on social media complain about their problems. They are tired and exhausted from the roughness of reality. That’s fine. I am also often in that position. We are all human, after all. Complaining is our nature and identity that distinguishes us from other creatures.
Many of us in this life experience different and varied problems. Some may get back up, and some may not. I write this shit not to compare my trials to yours nor to demand the story of your worst day in my comment section. However, I want to reveal what is the average that caused our problems. The thing we should be more aware of could potentially be a medicine for our soul.

In my opinion, what is the cause of our anxiety, emotions, sadness, anger, sense of disappointment, and so on is that we don’t fucking know our priority. Most people, especially those in their 20’s like me, have similar activities. Most are students, fresh graduates, and a junior in their industry. Congratulations, we are entering an adult phase.

I often find content on social media, especially TikTok videos where they share the moment of the announcement of the SBMPTN (college entrance test in Indonesia). They sit with their family in front of their laptop, login into their account, and expect that they will be accepted to the university that they’ve chosen. But then, that red color appeared on their screen, saying, “don’t give up and keep your spirit.”

I know that feeling. I was there in 2017. I have been rejected, whereas I already gave my mind and body to it. I feel like I’ve been disappointing my family; I’ve spent a lot of their money on courses and lack spending time with my parents because of studies, and is this the feedback of the reality? Therefore, I changed my perspective, meditated, and set up my new priority. In 2018, I did it. Like other cases like rejection from a company, denial from your crush, That E score in your final exams, or so on, you named it.

We often think of those moments as the end of our life. As if our life is at the edge of our throats. Get your ass up motherfucker. There are many ways to go to Rome. Constantinople didn’t capture in one day. Remember how hard your mother taught you how to walk when you were a baby, and you just gave up on your life because of the rejection? Where is your dignity as a human lie?

Sit down and think. The age of the ’20s is the moment when you have entered the real world. To face this absurdity, we must set priorities and find our goals. For instance, you feel sad because you got rejected by the SBMPTN. Ask yourself, is it entering your dream university that becomes your priority or to make your parents smile? Is it getting a dream job or living a happier life? Is it gaining love from your crush, or is it to fulfill your validation?

We have an unlimited way to reach our goal, but sometimes we are too fixated on 1 track. Many people threw up their potential, exhausted in their process. Change the way you look at something, then change the reality. Again, we are still 20’s, but we sigh like the people in the 1900’s period when there was World War I, the Spanish Flu, World War II, the economic crisis, and so on.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” — Abraham Lincoln

Like Mr. Lincoln, my priority at this age is to learn a lot. The era of the ’20s is the best time for us to know. Learning is not just in the classroom, where you come in the morning with your sleepy face, enter class, and take a note from your lecturer. But, always take a lesson everywhere and anywhere. Following an internship program, joining a volunteer, being part of a college organization, and following extracurricular could also be a learning process. As John C. Maxwell said, “Live to learn, and you will learn to live.” Good day from Jakarta…




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